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Our mission is to provide quality, effective and timely counseling services through attention to individualized care with dignity and respect.


Franette Mok


"My inspiration for creating Check Point Counseling has been my own life’s journey"


  Hello, let me introduce myself, my name is Fran. If you are struggling with managing depression, anxiety, stress, life transitions or anger I can help. I have over a decade of experience helping individuals navigate mental and emotional challenges. My goal as a counselor and art therapist is to provide coping strategies, combined with your strengths that you can begin implementing from your first session.  

    My lifelong love of art, in combination with my desire to empower others eventually led me to pursue a career in counseling, art therapy and eventually the founding of Check Point Counseling. Whose mission is to provide quality, effective and timely services through attention to individualized care, given with dignity and respect. 

    I am a licensed professional clinical counselor with the State of Ohio. In addition, a registered art therapist. My professional experience before entering into private practice was working as a counselor and art therapist for two major hospitals, in their Intensive Outpatient Programs. This provided me the opportunity to serve a diverse population and develop a broad range of skills-based strategies.

     In my spare time I enjoy learning to play the banjo and playing video games, hence Check Point Counseling! 

    My office is located in Canton, OH. I am accepting new clients. Please take advantage of a free phone consultation so we can discuss your individual needs and start you on your journey. 

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